2023 USTA AATA Local League Rules and Regulations:


  1. Complaints and Grievances must be presented in writing to the

    AATA/Grievance Committee within five (5) days of the occurrence by (a) the team captain or acting captain that was present at the match, (b) a league coordinator or (c) a member of the league committee.

  2. The player and his/her captain will receive a copy of a properly filed complaint which will be held on file in the AATA office for a period of one year.

  3. The Local Grievance Committee will officiate any grievance against an individual or team. The parties involved will be given the opportunity to present their side of the event for which the grievance was filed. ALL GRIEVANCES REQUIRE A $50.00 FEE TO FILE WHICH WILL BE RETURNED IF THE GRIEVANCE IS UPHELD.

  4. If the matter is an NTRP protest, a written protest must be submitted by a team captain directly to Todd Reed, Ratings Coordinator USTA TEXAS

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