1. Log in to your USTA account with your USTA number and password. The Enter Scores option will be under Stats and Standings to the right of Visit Orlando. Click on ENTER SCORES.

  2. You can also go to your Team page and click on the Date of the match. 

  3. Captain or designated team member will input their USTA # and the Match # in the appropriate white boxes and click on Next. Only one person from the home or visiting team will have to enter the scores from beginning to end. If a score has already been entered the Confirmation screen will appear. (See steps to Confirm or Dispute a Scorecard)

  4. If the team information is correct, click on Next. If not correct, click on Re-Enter. If the scorecard is currently in use, the system will display a message to inform you of this. If you receive this message, you cannot continue. If the scorecard is not currently in use, the system will display the scorecard screen.

  5. On the scorecard screen, do the following:

    1. Enter the date (MM/DD/CCYY)

    2. From the player drop-down lists, select the players from the home and visiting teams for each match.

    3. Click the Winner button to identify the winning team for each match.

    4. Type the scores for each match - reporting the score from the winners’ prospective.

    5. Select the final outcome for each match from the Completed drop-down list. You have the following options: Completed - The players finished the match and played to a winning score. Retired - One player (or doubles team) withdrew from the match while it was in progress. The player(s) who withdrew lose the match, even if they were leading at the time of the retirement. The score is reported as it stood when play concluded. Default - One player (or doubles team) failed to arrive within 15 minutes of the scheduled match. The opposing player(s) automatically win the match. Enter names for the winners only. Double default - Both players (or both doubles teams) failed to arrive within 15 minutes of the scheduled match. The match has no winner and no names will be entered.

  1. When you've finished entering the match results, click Next. The system will check your entries to make sure they comply with the USTA scoring rules, and then it will display the appropriate screen. If one or more of your entries is not considered valid, you'll see a screen that describes the missing or inconsistent information. Click the Back button to modify and resubmit the match results. If all of your entries are considered valid, then the information is redisplayed in a confirmation page.

  2. When you see the confirmation page, review the information carefully. Based on your review, do one of the following. If you've entered incorrect match results, click Back to return to the scorecard screen. Correct your errors, and then click Next to see your new confirmation page. If the information is correct, click Finish to save your information in the Tennislink database. The system will display a message telling you that the scores were entered successfully.

  3.  You must click Finish before exiting the Scorecard screen. If you exit the screen without clicking Finish, your scores will not be recorded.


  1. Complete Steps 1 - 4 above.

  2. On the scorecard screen, you'll see the match results entered by a member of the opposing team. Review the information and then do one of the following:

    1. If you agree with the recorded results, select the Confirm button, and then click the Next button. The system will display a message telling you that your selection was entered successfully.

    2. If you disagree with the recorded results, select the Dispute button, and then click the Next button. The system will display a message telling you that your selection was entered successfully.

  3. If you confirm the match results, no further action needs to be taken with the scorecard. However, if you dispute the match result, call Jennifer Wright (806.570.3140) or email Jennifer immediately with the details.

  4. In order to request a change to a scorecard on TennisLink, email at Jennifer with the (1) Match #, (2) Detailed description of requested correction and (3) Approval by the opposing captain. 

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