10 and Under Tennis using the QuickStart Tennis play format takes a new and better approach to introducing kids to the game. Balls are lower in compression; they bounce lower and don't move as fast so they are easier to hit. This allows kids time to get to the ball and helps them develop optimal swing patterns. Racquets are sized for small hands, and the courts are smaller and easier to cover. All that equals more fun and less frustration. Full sized courts can be reconfigured to accommodate up to six 36-foot courts, so instead of waiting in line, kids can spend their time playing.
10 and Under Tennis follows the same logic as other youth sports like baseball or soccer: kid-sized courts and kid-sized equipment. The benefits are immediate. Within an hour kids are rallying, having fun and psyched for more. They're playing real tennis and having real fun. And isn't that the point.
How & Where?
Our JTT program includes the Quickstart format for the 10 & Under group.  AATA runs a Spring and Fall program.   Please go to the links on the right to see when and where those programs are happening.  

Kid’s Inc. is also running a tennis program for 10 & Under and that will be happening in April.  There is a link to that as well on the right. 

The common theme with each of these types of play? Play. Get kids playing with the right racquets and low compression balls, and let them have fun.

For more information and questions, please contact our Coordinator: donna@amarilloareatennis.org

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