Captains General Information and Responsibilities

  1. Contact the Amarillo League Coordinator to obtain a team number for registration on Tennislink. You can email Jennifer at 806-570-3140.

  2. Make sure your team has registered on Tennislink prior to registration deadline.

  3. Communicate to your team when the schedule is published.

  4. Exchange lineups at the designated match time. Blank scorecards are available through TennisLink. Click on “Enter a Score” located in the center. Enter your match number. Scroll to the bottom and click on “Print Blank Scorecard”.

  5.  Do not default the majority of lines. If your format calls for 5 lines, you must play 3 of the 5 lines. If your format calls for 3 lines, you must play 2 of the 3 lines.

  6.  READ and KNOW AATA and USTA League rules so that you are prepared for any situation that may arise.

  7.  Remember that points played in good faith stand. If a disagreement arises on court it should be resolved before play resumes. Detailed information may be found in Friend at Court “The Code" available on the USTA website. Match results will stand as played, NO EXCEPTIONS.

  8. Enter and or Confirm scores utilizing TennisLink within 24 hours of a completed match.

  9. Helpful App: USTA mobile app you can submit scores, look up match schedules, look up scores from previous matches from your smart phone  page1image15128 page1image15288

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