1. Know your NTRP rating before you register for a league team.

  2. Know the USTA league rules:

    a. The Code from Friend At Court, Coman tiebreak procedure, etc.

  3. Register for your USTA team using TennisLink before the registration deadline. Be sure your membership is current through the entire length of a league season; otherwise, you will have to renew your membership.

  4. Be ready to play at designated times and places as required by your league schedule and Captain.

  5. Assist your team Captain in any way possible.

  6. Notify your Captain of your availability at the start of the season for the league season.

  7. Reimburse Captain for additional team fees (ie. Balls, Sectional fees, etc.).

  8. Declare your primary team by completing the Primary Team Declaration Form  prior to the start of a league season if you play on multiple teams within a league.

  9. Before match play, confirm your opponents. Introduce yourself and your partner to your opponents before the start of a match so that you are on the correct court playing the correct opponents.

  10.  Please silence your cell phone during league play.

  11.  Be a good sport and representative of the Amarillo tennis community on and off the court. 

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