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The AATA, under the Texas Section Community Development Tennis Expansion Plan, is the provider of all USTA Tennis Leagues in the Amarillo Area and welcome participation of all in the various leagues.
To play in USTA Tennis Leagues, one must be 18 years of age and a current member of USTA.
USTA League is organized, competitive team play for women and men age 18 and older of all abilities and experience.  Whether you're new to the game or a former college player, there's a spot for you.  Teams are made up of a minimum of five to eight players depending upon division. So round up family, friends and co-workers to form a team – it’s easy and fun.
Teams and matches are set up according to NTRP Ratings, so your teammates and opponents will be at your skill level.  The competition is exciting, the atmosphere is social, and since players compete on teams, you have a bulit-in cheering section.
Anyone interested in playing on a team or forming a team, Contact the USTA League Coordinator, Jennifer Wright.

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