Coach's Corner

AATA welcomes parents, pros, adult volunteers and college students to help coach Junior Team Tennis.  
The success of our program relies on volunteers to coach each of the teams.  

The coach plays a critically important role in motivating players and teaching the skills that a player will have for a lifetime. Coaches serve as role models and demonstrate the behaviors that players will emulate. 

To become a coach for the AATA JTT must be registered in safe play please click on register on the sidebar.
JTT coaches are required to have a background check every 2 years, for info on that, click on the side bar.

Additional Resources 

There are excellent on-court and at-home workshops for coaches working with players of all ages. These workshops are interactive, fun and participants learn by doing. To learn more about these dynamic online courses and interactive on-court workshops, visit today!

Tips and Instruction

Also, learn helpful tips to share with your players at the USTA's Improve Your Game Tips & Instruction page.





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